>Preparation for Europe (Part 1)


In our last post (here), we described the two-week study tour program to Europe that the Council is organizing. Given the educational nature of the trip, we aren’t sending the participants without any prior knowledge of the institutions we’ll be visiting. Rather, we’ve been busy preparing them with the resources they need to get full benefit from this trip. And so, we bring you our first trip-related blog post!

The Council hosted a Pre-Departure Orientation on May 27, attended by every traveler-to-be. To give you an idea of how much preparation is involved, here’s what was in the folders we gave them:

  • A packet with history and background information about Belgium and Austria and Brussels and Vienna, since the majority of the trip will be spent there
  • Maps of Paris, Brussels and Vienna – both streets and public transportation
  • Travel information, such as a what-to-pack list and country/culture notes
  • Current History journal, with EU-related articles
  • Suggested online resources and recommended books

Additionally, we’ll be sending the teachers much more information, including more readings from academic journals, background resources and publications from the EU, and curriculum suggestions. We hope to have some of these materials available on http://www.worldaffairspittsburgh.org and this blog for download soon.


2 Comments on “>Preparation for Europe (Part 1)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Ohhh! Exciting! Do you think you could post some of those resources for the rest of us who will be stuck back in Pittsburgh for the summer?

  2. >We will be posting these resources periodically — keep checking back! 🙂

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