>Preparation for Europe (Part 1, continued)

>In my previous post, I mentioned that we provided our teachers with a wealth of resources and background information on the European Union and countries to which they’d be traveling.

Here are just a few of those resources:

  • European Union Resource Guide for Educators
    Includes online resources, publications, recommended books, and general resources on International Affairs. The link provided here takes you to a word document, so that you are able to click on the links. (CTRL + click to go directly from the document to the websites.)

  • Europa: Gateway to the European Union
    This is a great site for everything related to the European Union. We gave hard copies several of the EU publications to our teachers, but everything is available online, as well. We especially like their Europe in 12 Lessons section!

  • Brussels
    Here you’ll find the official site for Brussels, Belgium. It is jam-packed with fantastic information about the city!

  • Vienna
    This is the official tourism site for the City of Vienna, Austria. You can find cultural information and see what’s happening in the city — a great resource for anyone traveling there!

If you know of other great resources or sites, feel free to post them to the comments! We love suggestions!


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