>Ethan Casey and Fawad Butt on Pakistan


International journalist Ethan Casey, the author of Alive and Well in Pakistan, and Fawad Butt, the CEO of Zeus Capital Advisers and an expert on the Middle East and Shariah finance, visited Pittsburgh June 17 for Council programs. In the morning, they worked with approximately 75 students from area high schools at our Summer Seminar on World Affairs. Each session of this five-day program at Duquesne University combines a guest speaker, small group discussions using a pre-written policy scenario, and then a presentation of each group’s ideas to each other and to the speakers.

After the Summer Seminar, the pair recorded an interview for KQV Global Press Conference. Then in the evening, they spoke at the Council’s Great Decisions program. The theme of these programs all centered on the future of Afghanistan and Pakistan (especially in counterterrorism initiatives), and how it will affect the United States.



Watch the video to hear Ethan and Fawad’s feedback about the Summer Seminar and their advice for students hoping to learn more about Pakistan today!




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