>Adventures from the Summer Fellowship to Europe


On our free day in Vienna, Jamie, Mandy and I decided to head east to Budapest, Hungary. This experience began with an interesting train ride, without air-conditioning, on a 90 degree day. After three and a half hours, we arrived in Budapest. We immediately changed our Euro into the Hungarian dollar. Although Hungary is now party of the European Union, their economy is still not strong enough to support the Euro. Our day revolved around a hop on hop off tour that took us to various areas of interest. For the most part, this city was still working through the effects of the Cold War. Many buildings were closed on our journey across the Danube to the top of a large overlook.
When we arrived at the overlook, our guide told us that we were looking at Pest and the main economic center of the city. He then explained that most of the people lived in the more mountainous area of Buda. We had lunch at a small café and spent a great part of the afternoon shopping through an open market. The people were all incredibly friendly, and we even made friends with a man from Taiwan on our journey, who told us of some must see sights of the city. After venturing around the Parliament and two of the most famous rejuvenating spas in Hungary, we boarded our train for a scenic trip back to Vienna.
— Ashlee

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