>G-20 Student Summit


As you may already be aware, the G-20 will be in town for the Pittsburgh Summit this September. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to educate students and community members about the G-20 through conferences and educational programs. Our G-20 Student Summit will take place at Fox Chapel High School on September 17th (one week before the official summit).

PopCity just wrote a great article about the program: G20 Student Summit Helps Area Kids Get Global.

For more information about the Student Summit, or if you are interested in participating, visit our website here. You can download a PDF description here.

Stay tuned to this blog for information about the G-20: Summit details, classroom and personal resources, educational program information, etc. We’ll be updating as frequently as we can, now that our vacation season is finished! 🙂


One Comment on “>G-20 Student Summit”

  1. Norton Gusky says:

    >Students and teachers who participated in the G-20 Student Summit can view a slide by going to http://www.fcasd.edu

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