>Fox Chapel Article About Upcoming G20 Student Summit


As we mentioned recently, the Council is planning a large-scale student program in recognition of Pittsburgh’s upcoming G20 Summit. The G-20 Student Summit will be held at Fox Chapel High School, which is located just northeast of the city of Pittsburgh.

The Fox Chapel Area School District is a nationally recognized, award-winning school district that produces high achievement in students, with a motivated and professional faculty and an involved and caring administration. The district currently operates six schools and has approximately 4,400 students. Just one of the many fantastic school districts with whom we work! 🙂

Here is an article about the upcoming summit, from yourfoxchapel.com. We’re looking forward to collaborating with all of the students, teachers, and staff at Fox Chapel High School!

Stay tuned for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh!


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