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As promised, here are a few responses to the Communiqué that we posted in our last entry. Please feel free to share your thoughts/feedback in the comments!

From: Elizabeth Forward High School
G-20 Member: Mixed

Response: Energy is the main focus of the group of mixed countries because without energy, our efforts for recovery will be useless.

From: Cornell High School
G-20 Member: Mexico

Response: Of the three groups, our students thought we should focus on Environment. Protecting the environment and reducing the amount of UV rays would protect their crops, the main export being corn. Protecting the environment in turn could help energy (using biofuels), and help with economic recovery by protecting Mexico’s exports and allowing the country to expand their economy. From a human rights standpoint, protecting the environment would reduce erosion and find new ways to dispose of its waste, thereby protecting the drinking water and providing a more viable workforce. We choose D.

From: Chartiers Valley High School
G-20 Member: Mexico

Economic Recovery
We support option C because this option not only helps the overall global economy, but it will also eventually bring back to our own economy. Our own economy is strongly incorporated with that of the United States and we feel that as they continue to strengthen their economy, ours will follow. By giving countries that are still building a large sum of money, it will help the overall economy and give us a chance for possible trade partners in the future with these new upcoming countries.

Countries similar: Brazil, South Korea

Option D is second choice.

We support option A, which can be divided into 2 parts: Movement towards alternative energy sources is encouraged and systems should be put in place to ensure that the oil market is well supplied and well balanced in order to avoid dramatic oil price fluctuations. In the first part of part A we show our support towards the movement alternative energy by inaugurating the firs large scale wind energy plant in the state of Oaxaca, which is the largest of its kind in Latin America, and promoting hydroelectric projects that will enable them to produce more electricity without releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. We can also provide evidence that the second part would benefit us and the world as a whole. President Calderon has made it clear that “petroleum is and will continue to belong exclusively to Mexicans.” With stating this only 17.4% of Mexicans exports is oil, but the US is receiving 80.1% of Mexico’s exports. This means as the President said, “Petroleum is an emblem of national sovereignty and has been vital to the development of Mexico.” Which means PEMEX can help stabilize oil prices by becoming even more independent from foreign oil. This directly corresponds with Option A because it proves that we ourselves can ensure that the oil market is well supplied and well balanced in order to avoid dramatic oil price fluctuating which in turn would help keep the economy of Mexico and the world stable.

Countries Similar: UK, US, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia

Option E is second Choice.

As a nation Mexico supports option D. we support said statement because it is what we try to carry out in our nation and would like to see throughout the world. Our government has opened 86 new water treatment plants and 10 mew potabilizing plants to keep drinking water safe for our citizens and restore it to its natural clean state; so it is safe for us and our environment. We want to protect the world’s natural wealth and have shown this in our country by making 6 new protected natural areas, turning 11% of our national territory into National Protected areas.

México City, our capital is one of the most highly polluted areas. We are striving to improve our air quality and reduce effects of climate change throughout our country. This is exhibited by the first large-scale wind energy plant, the largest in Latin America. Also, last year the government planted 253 million trees, and will plant an extra 280 million more. We hope we can reverse the damage man has caused for years.

This is supported not only by a government, but our people. On July 5th our citizens, adults, and children, helped the environment by planting 9.5 million trees in a single day.

By creating parks, water plants, energy plants, and planting trees you are creating jobs. It opens up a new venue for employment, along with helping the environment. Going green also helps the economy.

In the G-20, Mexico is relatively small, but we are striving to make a difference. If we can go green, so can you.

Countries Similar: Argentina, Germany, India, Japan, US [Turkey, India, South Africa]

Option C is second choice.


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