>The Fall of the Wall: 20 Years Later


On November 12, the Council will have a Special Seminar and Webcast for Secondary School Students at Shaler Area High School.  “The Changing Transatlantic Relationship – The Impact of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, 20 Years Later” will address the effect of the fall of the Berlin Wall had on the United States and the transatlantic relationship.  The program will also discuss the significance the fall of the wall held — both then and now.  (For more details on this program, please click here.)
In anticipation of this program, I wanted to share with you a video of one of our recent radio interviews.  Dr. Sky Foerster, President of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, hosts a weekly radio program, Pittsburgh Global Press Conference, on  KQV Radio (AM1410).  This video allows you to watch Sky’s interview with David Gill about Germany and his refections on the fall of the Berlin Wall.
David Gill is the Deputy Representative of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany to the Federal Republic of Germany and to the European Union. He published a book on the activities of the Stasi (Secret Police) before the Berlin Wall came down, twenty years ago, on November 9, 1989.


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