>EuroChallenge Competition


When Nigel Nagarajan (the Head of Economic and Financial Affairs at the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States of America) visited Pittsburgh recently, he talked a bit about the Euro Challenge competition for high school students.
In the “About” section of the Euro Challenge website, the competition is described as:

“…an exciting educational opportunity for high school students to learn about the European Union (EU) and the euro. Student teams of three to five students are asked to make presentations answering specific questions about the European economy and the single currency, the euro. They are also asked to pick one member country of the “euro area” (the 16 EU member countries that have adopted the euro so far), to examine an economic problem at the country level, and to identify policies for responding to that problem.”

Presented by the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States in Washington, D.C., the competition is open to teams made up of 9th and 10th grade students.  Many students who participate have no prior knowledge of economics or the European Union. Fortunately, the EuroChallenge website provides a wealth of resources.
The resources provided on the Euro Challenge website include articles, videos, presentations, games, and websites on a range of topics, including:
  • Getting Started with Euro Challenge
  • Information on the European Union and the Euro
  • Information about Economic Challenges
  • Information on the Countries of the Euro Area
  • Interactive Resources
The Delegation of the European Commission is working to expand the program within the Pittsburgh area.  If you are interested in participating, we encourage you to leave a comment on this blog, or contact Euro Challenge coordinators directly.  You should also feel free to reach out to Joann Urbaniak, the gifted coordinator at North Allegheny Intermediate High School.  Joann led her Euro Challenge team to second place last year, and is more than happy to answer questions about the competition.  She can be reached by email
This is a fantastic competition, and we encourage all of our teachers to look at this terrific opportunity to engage the underclassmen at your schools.  Don’t take our word for it — check out the testimonials and other information at http://www.euro-challenge.org!

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