>It’s Not Easy Going Green


It’s not easy being green — or going green, for that matter.  But according to a recent survey by the United Nations, it’s certainly necessary for the health and prosperity of the planet.  Nevertheless many problems still loom.  Below is an excerpt from the United Nations 2009 World Economic and Social Survey: “Promoting Development, Saving the Planet.”
Polices designed to deal with the threat of dangerous climate change are lagging far behind the scientific evidence.  At the same time, existing international commitments have fallen well short of promises and progress on new commitments is moving slowly.  This represents a dangerous impasse as developing countries strive to accelerate growth through industrial development and rapid urbanization.  The only way to make tangible progress is to approach the climate challenge as a development challenge.
The survey urges countries, developed and developing, come together through economic and governing mechanisms to meet challenges and solve the problem of climate change.  Click here for an overview of the UN survey and here for the unabridged report.
Do you find all of this information vague and daunting?  We don’t blame you.  Luckily, on January 27th the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh is hosting a luncheon and webcast that focuses on the complex issues surrounding the environment and energy sources.  Sara Banaszak, a senior economist at the American Petroleum Institute, will discuss these environmental and economic concerns as our nation – and the international community – looks to meet the new demands of the 21st century.
Be sure to check out www.worldaffairspittsburgh.org for more information.

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