A Student’s View: Careers in International Affairs

Each school year, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh works with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) to provide an Apprenticeship Program on International Affairs. Students meet periodically over the course of the year to discuss a variety of career opportunities in the field of international affairs. Students are encouraged to think about their future, and explore different opportunities that would best suit their interests. The piece provided below was created by one of this year’s apprenticeship participants.

FBI Laboratory Division

I have skills in physical sciences.
My ideal place of work would be a lab.
Laboratory services sound good,
And the pay definitely isn’t bad.

This is part of professional staff.
Forensic sciences are often used.
Chemists analyze unknown substances
To see if they cause harm or lead to clues.

Forensic science is the best background,
Though military experience works.
Just be prepared to travel all around
For everywhere many disasters lurk.

Working in the laboratory division
To me seems like a very good decision.

By: Ian, a student at Mt. Lebanon High School


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